R. Eng. Udo Deeke, 1882 - Salto Norte, Blumenau - SC, 89065-100



Ártico is located in an Industrial Park of 60,000m2 with 30,000m2 of built area, in Blumenau, Santa Catarina.

Founded on July 7, 1960, by German immigrants Hubert and Johannes Schildwachter, Ártico was the pioneer in commercial refrigeration in the Itajaí Valley. Its main initial activity was focused on the manufacture of refrigerated counters and in a short time its brand was already prominent throughout the region, due to the quality of its products.

Today, the modern industrial park installed and the application of the latest technologies, refrigeration systems with low power consumption, solar energy, and operation with ecological gas (CFC Free) harmless to the ozone layer, guarantee a high performance end product, and places Ártico among the largest refrigeration industries in southern Brazil.

Display Freezers, Commercial Equipment, Breweries, and Cold Rooms are part of Ártico's product line.

"The purpose is far beyond producing equipment with quality, we want to make a difference and be part of the community, to grow together. Stimulate health, education, sport and local culture. And for the next few years, continue our work with responsibility while listening to our customers. Together, we are stronger!” – says Christiane S. Buerger, daughter of the founder and CEO of Ártico.

Ethics, commitment, and innovation are the essence of success, it is what transforms the production of each equipment, and the daily work into passion!

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For 60 years, Ártico has been investing in new technologies through research and development. Striving to reach and exceed its goals, it has a modern testing laboratory, partnerships with several companies in Europe, renowned technical consultants in related areas, and visits to fairs and exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

The Engineering Department develops the products according to ISO and ABNT standards.
– Uses only environmentally friendly gases in refrigeration systems.
For perfect thermal insulation, High Density Injected Polyurethane (38 to 42 Kg/m3) is used, which is the best and most reliable thermal insulator on the market, with 100% ecological water-based expansion.
Complete electrical controls (circuit breakers, contactors, overload and phase failure relays, electronic thermostats, etc.) , which ensure greater safety and reliability of the products.
Ártico products have low energy consumption and low noise level.
Annual Awards – Baker Top, Top of Quality and Popeye (USA)
Industry participating in the Montreal Protocol.
Products certified by Inmetro – UL.



Producing modern products with high performance and low energy consumption are priorities of the company. To achieve these goals it continues to invest in research and development.
Participation of fairs in Brazil and abroad (Germany, France. UK, US, Italy) in search of new technologies and trends.



Artico is a community-connected industry.
It supports health, education, sport and culture, participating in various projects and contributing to various institutions.



The company provides and subsidizes training courses, specialization and improvement to its employees, as well as internships in Brazil and abroad.

Responsible Technical Team:
Electrical and Mechanical Engineer: Fabiano Doering Meinicke | CREA/SC: 053630-3
Gestor Ambiental: Jarbas José Angeli | CREA/SC 17.3805-1
Occupational Safety Technician: Maicon Ricardo Zermiani | MTE: 0006669

Registration with governmental and regulatory agencies:
CREA/SC PJ – 013700-8
IBAMA:  CTF 63594

Company associated with Abrava Brazilian Association of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heating.

Selo Abrava     Inmetro Certificado