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  • donahilda" We have several Artico refrigerators, among other products. I have a refrigerator that I bought 20 years ago and it still works. The Artico is a partnership of many years.  "
    Sra. Hilda – Confeitaria Dona Hilda – Blumenau SC
  • docemania"In 2009 we decided to reform our bakery, so we decided to visit the Arctic. We were very well attended. There we find the balconies were looking for. We are very happy with the facilities of the Artico.  "
    Pipo e Zenaide – Padaria Doce Mania
  • nestor_kibaguetti"The Bakery Kibaguetti, besides being a reference point, is also a showroom itself Artico. In addition to the facilities, we were awarded the Top Baker Brazil award in 2011 and 2014!  "
    Sr. Nestor – Panificadora Ki Baguetti – Blumenau SC
  • emporiojf"The Artico made for us the facilities of three bakeries. The great advantage of the Artico is the commitment and honesty. They comply with the deadlines and the durability of the product is fantastic!  "
    Sr. João – Empório JF – Vinhedo SP
  • santabranca"The bakery Santa Branca been in business for 56 years. At that time we did some renovations, but the best one was with the Artico! The Artico has brought a beautiful, harmonious vision. Great stuff, just like we wanted!  "
    Sr. Carlos – Panificadora Santa Branca – São Paulo SP
  • cafehaus"The Artico did our facilities in 2006, when we created this partnership that lasts 10 years. I love the quality and product design, offer great visibility of our products and can be compared to what is outside."
    Lothar – Cafehaus – Blumenau SC
  • benkendorf"The Benkendorf is a partner of the Artico for about 50 years. The Artico always provided us with technology, differentiated products and mainly what I consider important, provide on quality.  "
    Sr. Carlos – Panifício Bekendorf – Blumenau SC
  • cesar_bigpao"Discover the Artico through other bakery business and participating in fairs. And this partnership is a success! The Artico offers innovation and we think important to monitor the market. I indicated the Artico for many people because they have quality products. It is a company with future vision.  "
    Ivo César – Panificadora Big Pão – Cascavel PR
  • benhur"After dreaming Installers several bakeries, I went to Santa Catarina know the work of the Artico. I was delighted with what I saw and I opted for the Artico. We are it very satisfied. The Artico is an excellent company.  "
    Pedro – Panificadora Ben Hur – São Paulo SP
  • churrascariaothon"Artico products are excellent! Technical assistance is very helpful - when you need help, always received attention in any need. So I recommend to everyone!  "
    Othon – Churrascaria Othon – Salvador BA
  • piegel"We work with the Artico 12 years ago. We are very well attended. Buy the products often because the Artico is the best. I am very pleased with the service and products.  "
    Sr. Augusto – Panificadora Piegel
  • sandem"Our first project with the Artico was 3 years ago. We are currently developing a new Store redesign project with the Artico. The products are very good, as well as the care and services.  "
    Tania – Sandem Doceria – Joinville SC
  • roseli_sementedaterra"Before beginning our retirement, we researched enough. We chose the Artico design and functionality we were looking for. Our customers were pleased with the new proposal of the House and make lots of praise.  "
    Roseli – Panificadora Semente da Terra
  • neypescados"We recommend the Artico because products are of excellent quality!  "
    Ney – Ney Pescados – Bombinhas SC
  • sorvetegoiano"Am Artico customer for 10 years. Tested the product, I liked it and since then we have 100% of the freezers and Artico cameras. I strongly believe in the product, already had evidence of that. Think of expansion for all Brazil is the best partnership."
    Marcelo – Sorvete Goiano – Goiania GO