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The Arctic is located in an industrial park of 60,000m2 with 30,000m2 of constructed area.
Founded in 1960 by German immigrants Hubert and Johannes Schildwachter, Ártico was a pioneer in the commercial refrigeration sector in the Vale do Itajaí region. Its main initial operations focused on the manufacture of refrigerated counters and soon the brand had come to prominence in the entire region due to the quality of its products.
As it continued to grow with its good reputation, strong market presence and the brand known throughout the state, Ártico needed its own headquarters to build its industrial park.
Using its own resources and tax incentives from Blumenau City Hall, the company finally settled by the BR-470 highway, in 1972. 3 (Nowadays located at Rua Eng. Udo Deeke, 1882) in an area of 60,000 m2, of which 30,000 m2 is developed.
During this period, it increased its production line, manufacturing not only refrigerated counters but also commercial refrigerators, cold rooms, facilities for confectioners, coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, butcher shops and supermarkets, in addition to freezers of different models and capabilities, applying technology acquired in Germany by its Director Hubert Schildwachter. The first freezer was sold in December 1972.
The 80s brought profound changes, which enabled the company to bring its line of detachable cold rooms on to the market. Used for cooling and freezing using injected polyurethane insulation, they meet the requirments of the Baking, Ice cream, Supermarket , Butcher, hotel and restaurant industries.

In 1998 it launched two products, applying the latest technology:
– The domestic appliance line, compact refrigeration sets for cold rooms and refrigeraters, silent , practical and low power consumption equipment, operating with ecological gas.
The Bavaria Line of glass display counters for breadmakers, patisseries and bakeries.

Today, Ártico stands out as one of the biggest refrigeration manufacterers in the South of Brazil.

Technology of ÁRTICO products

For 55 years Ártico has invested in new technologies through research and development Seeking to achieve and surpass their goals, it has modern testing laboratory, partnerships with several companies in Europe, renowned technical consultants in related areas, trade visits and exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

The Engineering Department develops products according to ISO and ABNT.
– It uses only ecological gases in the cooling systems.
– For the perfect thermal insulation it uses high density injected polyurethane (38-42 kg / m3), which is the best and most reliable thermal insulation on the market with water-based expansion, it is 100% environmentally friendly.
– Full electrical commands (breakers, contactors, load on and phase failure relays, electronic thermostats, etc ..) Which guarantee greater safety and product reliability.
Ártico products feature low power consumption and low noise levels.

Technical Objectives

Producing modern products with high performance and low power consumption are priorities of the company. To achieve these goals it continues to invest in research and development.

Staff Training

The company provides and subsidizes training courses, specialization and improvement courses for its employees, as well as internships in Brazil and abroad.

Commitment to the environment
Ártico was the first in the commercial refrigeration industry in southern Brazil to ratify the agreement with the UN and since 2000 has eliminated all processes and products using CFCs, gases that are harmful to the ozone layer. In order to fulfill the terms of the agreement Ártico invested in new polyurethane and gas load injection technologies, and provides the technical team with courses and training.It currently maintains a reforestation area in Dr. Pedrinho, in Ribeirão Lima of 204 hectares